Approved ITF Projects


ITS/242/17FX Development of Innovative Additive Manufacturing Technology - 3D Electric Arc Energy Deposition (3DEAED) Lead Applicant 2.7885516
ITS/385/17 Development of the Nano Sol-gel Glass Materials and Process for 3D Glass Printing Lead Applicant 1.387932
ITT/028/16AI Trial: Development of Advanced and Integrated Electronic Fuel Injection System Implementation Organization 2.2352
ITS/370/17FX Development of High Efficiency RF Plasma System for High Concentrated Organic Wastewater Treatment Lead Applicant 1.4
GSP/006/18 International Conference and Workshop on Industrial Artificial Intelligence : A New Engine for Industrial Innovation Lead Applicant 0.625783
ITS/369/17FP Development of an Atmospheric Cold Plasma (ACP) Continuous Disinfection System for Dry and Fragile Food Materials to Enhance Food Safety Lead Applicant 4.0648755
ITS/421/17FP Development of High Speed Selective Binder Solidification (SBS) 3D Printing System by Using Nano-adhesive Catalyst Lead Applicant 6.77823
GSP/015/18 HKPC Pavilion at InnoCarnival 2018 Lead Applicant 0.8484265
ITP/053/18AP Development of Enhanced Deep Learning System for Low-speed Autonomous Mobility Implementation Organization 2.487743
ITS/215/18 Smart & Multi-stage Electrolytic Ionized Steam Plasma Finish for Mirror Surface of 3D Metallic Object with High Dimensional Tolerance Lead Applicant 1.349442
ITS/004/18FX Electrically-assisted Free Forming (EAFF) Technology for Customisation of Sheet Metal Parts Lead Applicant 3.038988
ITS/003/18FX Development of Supersonic Jet Printing (SJP) Technology for Cost-effective and Rapid Production of Customized Metal Parts Lead Applicant 2.901102
ITS/214/18FP Development of Anti-fouling and Anti-microbial Surface Treatment of Membrane Filter by Chemical Vapor Infiltration Lead Applicant 3.723684
GSP/032/18 Refinement of Hong Kong Certification Scheme for Chinese Materia Medica Lead Applicant 1.328389
ITP/064/18AI Lightweight Modular Based Body Structure for Mini-bus Using Advanced Composite Materials and Processing Technologies Lead Applicant 7.257194
GSP/032/17 To Promote Smart Technology Application in Elderly Care Lead Applicant 0.69028
  Sub-total: 42.9M