Latest Training Programme

Administered by HKPC, the HKPC Academy offers public training programmes, workshops, study missions and customized corporate training services for diversified sectors. The programmes and services are tailor made to the needs of industry, enterprises and individuals. The latest training programmes are as follows:

Course Name Commencement Date
Diploma in Creative Illustration (創意插畫學文憑課程) 19 Nov 2019
Professional Certificate in Facilities and Maintenance Management 20 Nov 2019
Artificial Intelligence – Infrastructure Architect 21 Nov 2019
OH Cards Coaching Program 21 Nov 2019
Professional Certificate in Green Facilities Management and Energy Audit 21 Nov 2019
Industry 4.0 - Digital Lean Process Optimization (Critical Components Industry) 22 Nov 2019
播音錄音玫瑰花座檯燈 23 Nov 2019
Certificate on A.I. for Business 25 Nov 2019
Digital Leadership Certification Programmes – Industry 4.0 :Certified Industry 4.0 Professionals (CIP) 25 Nov 2019
Certificate in Innovative Leadership 26 Nov 2019