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HKPC’s Green and Anti-COVID-19 Technologies Win Two TechConnect 2021 Innovation Awards 14/09/2021
HKCERT Urges Microsoft Windows Users to be Vigilant Against Malicious Exploit of Critical Vulnerability 13/09/2021
HKPC 5G Future Hall Spearheads the Promotion of 5G R&D and Applications in Hong Kong with New 5G Intelligent Manufacturing and Smart Living Solutions on Show 07/09/2021
HKPC’s Intelligent Production and Anti-COVID-19 Innovations Recognised at Hong Kong Business Technology Excellence Awards 07/09/2021
HKPC and 500+ Students Set Guinness World Record on Mass Robot Programming Taking Lead in I&T Development and Application, FutureSkills Training and STEM Education to Nurture Future Talents 22/08/2021
Extraordinary Summer Jobs! HKPC Summer Intern “InnoTalents” Showase Results of Amazing Transformation Giving Hong Kong R&D and Industrial Sectors a Youthful Boost 18/08/2021
“SME ReachOut - 2021 Fund Fair PLUS” Concludes Overwhelming Response with 14K Attendances Offers First-hand Assistance for SMEs with Various Funding Alternatives 13/08/2021
“SME ReachOut - 2021 Fund Fair PLUS” Opens HKPC-HKSAR Government-Business Sector Join Forces to Promote Funding Schemes to SMEs 11/08/2021
HKPC Builds Smart Production Line for Local Food Manufacturer Providing “One-stop” Support to Achieve Intelligent Manufacturing for the Sustainable Development of Food Industry 09/08/2021
“SME ReachOut - 2021 Fund Fair PLUS” Offers Information on 50+ Government Funding Schemes and Supporting Programmes to Help SMEs Achieve Turnaround and Embrace the New Normal 05/08/2021
HKPC and Grow with Google Join Forces to Help Hong Kong Grasp Future Business Skills 03/08/2021
HKPC’s Reindustrialisation and Smart Manufacturing R&D Feats Win Most at HKIE MIS Industry Award 2021 02/08/2021
HKPC Announces Standard Chartered Hong Kong SME Leading Business Index Q3 2021 Results Overall Index Scores a Three-Year High; SMEs Regain Business Confidence under Economic Recovery 27/07/2021
HKPC Promotes the Development of Gerontechnology with “Smart Elderly Health Care Monitoring System” Addressing Operation Concerns of Elderly Homes 16/07/2021
HKPC’s EAFF Technology Crowned Champion in the Internationally Acclaimed “IMechE – Best Project Award” 15/07/2021
HKPC Garners International Accreditations from Two Major Accountancy Bodies for its Outstanding Employee and Talent Development Programmes 22/06/2021
HKPC’s “The Hong Kong Jockey Club IT Support Programme for NGOs” Sets Local NGOs on the Path to IT Upgrading 17/06/2021
“Future of Work & Tech Experience Day” Releases Results of “The Future of Work & Skills Survey” Hybrid Work Sets Tone for New Normal FutureSkills Charts a New Course for Enterprises 03/06/2021
HKPC Offers “Family Caring Vaccination Day-off”- Paid Leave to Encourage Staff Accompanying Family Members Getting Vaccinated 02/06/2021
HKPC Supports “Early Vaccination for All” Campaign - Vaccination Makes Everyone Safe and Hong Kong Ready for Economic Take-off 31/05/2021
HKPC “Smarter Talent Gala” Interactive Recruitment Day for Talents to Explore I&T Career Opportunities 31/05/2021
Secretary for the Environment, Secretary for Innovation and Technology, and Commissioner for Innovation and Technology Visit HKPC’s Homegrown “Food TranSmarter” 27/05/2021
APAS Spearheads “Autonomous Driving Alliance” with 30+ Organisations Joining Force to Accelerate Smart Mobility Development in Hong Kong 25/05/2021
HKPC Announces Standard Chartered Hong Kong SME Leading Business Index Q2 2021 Results - Overall Index Rebounds to a Two-Year High; SMEs Plan Ahead with Government Budget Measures 29/04/2021
HKPC Launches 5G Future Hall to Converge Local 5G Operators and Technology Providers and Aims to Become Superconnector for 5G Applications in Hong Kong 28/04/2021
HKPC's Geneva Gold Medal with Congratulations of JuryAward Winner "kNOw Touch Contactless Elevator Control Panel" signing Technology Licensing Agreements with Roborn and Jardine Schindler to Promote Wider Adoption 30/03/2021
HKPC to launch One-Stop, Cross Business & Technology “InnoPreneur Network”with Successful Debut of “InnoPreneur Forum” on Food Tech Development 26/03/2021
HKCERT Urges Local Owners of Microsoft Exchange Server to Patch up System Vulnerabilities 25/03/2021
HKPC Wins 15 Awards at 2021 Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions Anti-COVID-19 R&D Feat "kNOw Touch - Contactless Elevator Control Panel" Being Awarded Gold Medal with Congratulations of Jury 22/03/2021
Hong Kong Forum of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics - Promotes Development of Smart Industries in Hong Kong and Greater Bay Area 22/03/2021
APAS Bolsters "Hong Kong Roadmap on Popularisation of Electric Vehicles" with All-Round Support for Hong Kong's EV Development and to Build a Smart City with R&D 19/03/2021
ITC x HKPC x HKSTP - "Golden Triangle" Accelerates Reindustrialisation in Hong Kong 17/03/2021
Hong Kong Forum of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics - Offers Experts' Insights on Innovative Applications and Technology Trends 16/03/2021
“Information Security Summit 2021” Presents the Latest Technologies to Cope with Cyber Security Risks Under New Normal 09/03/2021
HKPC Theme of the Year 2021: "Make Smart Smarter" - Smarter Era of Intelligent Manufacturing Launch Ceremony Witnesses New Milestone for Reindustrialisation in Hong Kong 26/02/2021
HKPC Welcomes 2021-22 Budget Measures with Pledge to Support SMEs to Create New Economy with Innovative Technologies and Promote Reindustrialisation in Hong Kong 24/02/2021
HKPC and HKCS Sign Pact to Enhance the Adoption of Emerging Technologies in Hong Kong 22/02/2021
HKPC and CUHK Join Forces to Nurture Next Generation InnoTalent with On-the-Job Research Opportunities to Strengthen Local Talent Pool 08/02/2021
HKPC Reveals Standard Chartered Hong Kong SME Leading Business Index Q1 2021 Results - Business Confidence Stricken SMEs Are Suggested to Grasp New Development Pattern 26/01/2021
HKPC Urges Enterprises for Cyber Security Strategy for the New Normal and New Technologies 19/01/2021
HKPC Fully Supports SIE Fund to Launch "Gerontechnology Platform" Harnessing Innovative Technologies to Foster Development & Cross-Sector Synergy 06/01/2021
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